Day 97:
Bean CAN WRITE THE LETTER “A”!😆 Without tracing! I was so excited and surprised to see him do his “homework” which is usually drawings of what he calls elephants, lions and of course monsters, only this time they there were “A”s all over the place (oh and spiders too). Even though I’m not able to really homeschool my boys like I would love to, I do as many “schooling” activities as possible whenever I can which is usually on a daily basis. It’s also a great feeling to know that the boys are at a small Childcare place that has similar educational views as I do.


Day 98:
Oh my goodness today was a rough day for me. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and antsy and unclear (about what’s happening my life and my next steps) and frustrated and and and. So I am happy to have to search for something I am grateful for today and that is coming home to a clean room. It allowed me to just take a deep breath and slow down for the first time today. I was even able to add a few things to my vision board. So today I’m most grateful for this 365 days of gratefulness project.


Day 99:
Tonight the boys and I went to the gym, then home and ate dinner (I just had a snack since I am committed to eating dinner at the table WITH my boys every night). I put the boys to sleep, prepared my lunch and the bottles for tomorrow. AND THEN I ate my sandwich…with no one on my lap or breast or asking for a bite. I didn’t even turn the TV on it was just ME…AND…MY…SANDWICH!!😋

20140409-232920.jpgsalmon, portobello mushroom, a little arugula with a little mustard on a bun. MMMMM….

Day 100:
I’m grateful for the bond between my boys. It’s so nice to sit and watch/listen to them squawk and play together. And lately Sprout has been squirming in the middle of the night and finding his way to his big brother😘.


Day 101:
Oh my goodness it has been a rough week for me. And today I almost broke down in my bosses office😭! Thank God she is so great and notice that I was a little off and she stopped the meeting did a check in with ME not my work but ME and said we would try again next week. So not the norm for me and I am so grateful to have such and understanding boss!! Thank you Anne Marks!!

Day 102:
I came home from a meeting to find my boy sleep like this. He must have been having a good time.


Day 103:
Sprout pulled my Understanding Everyday Setswana book off the book shelf today. I guess he’s ready to learn his language. Hint hint mom!! I got it! 😳


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Gratefulness Continues

Day 90:
So grateful for a sit down dinner with my Aunt. It’s been a while and it was a great way to re jolt my drive! Thanks Aunt Shelly!!

Day 91:
Night time dance party!! We love to move in my house.

Day 92:
I am so grateful for my Majuta family in Botswana. Although we are far away I still feel a bit connected and even with things not being ideal I can ALWAYS feel the love.

Day 93:
We had a seemless, tantrum, chase free daycare to car transition today. YES!!

Day 94:
Oh my goodness I REALLY ENJOY working at Youth ALIVE! I had a great weekly update meeting with my boss Anne Marks! She is so clear about her vision and her mentorship (I don’t even know if she recognizes it to be mentorship) is awesome. I am learning so much about my work, trauma and being a passionate human and it is great!! #feelingblessed

Day 95:
I got to attend a Birth Justice workshop today at the 42nd Ethnic Studies Conference that was held at Mills College. It was a great discussion and motivation.
AND I love to see my boys play together!


Day 96:
Great day for a soccer game. We went to support the the son of one of the daycare teachers they were pleasantly surprised to see us and Bean had a great time playing in the stands.

20140406-155732.jpgcan you see him?

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Yup…I’m grateful!!

Day 83:
I had a great conversation with one of my co-workers today about parenting and just life. Thanks Demetria!! She’s always full of positive energy and inspiration.

Day 84:
Today I got to share the wonderful gift of human milk with a friend who just adopted a baby girl. And I had an extremely productive day that ended with a full out dance party with my boy Bean in the driveway!! His shoulder moves are OFF THE CHAIN!!

Day 85:
Great Facebook marketing training. I’m telling you, so much is happening via social media and it can be time consuming to REALLY make it work for you business or organization BUT the reward can be amazing.

Day 86:
Bean is learning to read and was able to recognize a few words in his new book. #proudmom

Day 87:
I’m grateful for all the supports of my organization, Youth ALIVE!, and the donations that were made during our fundraiser at Ethnic Arts tonight. I was very nervous about MCing for my first fundraiser ever but it went well, I learned a lot and got great feedback and constructive criticism. I count my blessings EVERY time I get to hear my co-workers talk about what they do out in the community. Cheers to you all who make Youth ALIVE! so amaaazing.

Day 88:
When I got home from day 2 of my doula training and I saw Bean at the top of the steps, he turned to his babysitter and said, with tons if excitement as he jumped up and down, MOMMY IS A DOULA!! I love his excitement and constant support!!

Day 89:
I completed my birth doula training! br />

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365 Grateful!

Day 76:
I am grateful for surprises!!

Day 77:
I’m Grateful for a great loonngg conversation with Sal. It’s been a while and is always great to get a man’s view on things.

Day 78:
Uuummm….oh I know, Bean recognized “mom” (the word) in a book today. YAY for site words and flash cards.

Day 79:
I LOVE HAND-ME-DOWNS!! My coworker gave me a bunch of clothes for Sprout today!! I love it when I don’t have to shop AND when I don’t have to waste (money or material).


Day 80:
Grateful for smiling faces after picking up some new soccer gear for Bean.


Day 81:
Got a great puzzle for $2 from a yard sale. It’s PERFECT especially with Bean’s new love for puzzles, letters and trains.


Day 82:
Bean ran in his second race today!! It was about 150 yards and it was up hill. He ran the entire way and received a beautiful medal. Healthy habits start at birth😊!!


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365 Grateful!!

Day 69:
A night with no TV!! Very productive. I got a lot done including some time to reflect and was in bed before midnight.

Day 70:
I’m grateful for complements from my boy. “You yook nice mommy. I yike yoy hair.”

Day 71:
I am grateful for Sprout’s lack of interest in consuming anything but my milk😆(insert nursing emoji here).


Day 72:
Today I sat still for 5 mins (which I’ve been encouraged to do daily for a few weeks now). It felt good I was comfortably seated with my feet hanging out of the car and a baby on my back but I was comfortable and made it 5 mins. I’ll have to try this again.


Day 73:
I’m so grateful for a board and staff retreat that allows everyone to feel free enough to share from the heart.

Day 74:
I’m grateful for a full day of fun and some firsts. First pool day of the year, sprouts first time in a pool, Sprout’s first time on a swing and Sprouts first time going down the slide in his big brother’s lap!!


Day: 75
I am grateful for creativity and brotherly love!


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365 Grateful

Day 62:
I am grateful for a coworker who has very inspirational activities during her weekly meetings. Today there was an overflow so she shared and my “fortune cookie” inspiration quote was “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha what a great way to start the week!


Day 63:
I am grateful for wake up cuddles and songs.


Day 64:
I am grateful for time to read. I only got through about 4 pages before I dosed off but it was nice to read.


Day 65:
Bean counted to 20!! And I understood 18 of the numbers. Hehe!

Day 66:
I am grateful for a crab feed. And a boy who was more excited about the salad and a lemon than the crab meat AND was content with 1 oatmeal cookie and a cup of tea for dessert😊


Day 67:
I’m so grateful for a pockets of women from all over who are committed to birth justice. BWBJ meetings ALWAYS fill me with inspiration!

Day 68:
I’m grateful for SoapBoxSoap! The eucalyptus bar smells SO good! AND it doesn’t have much in it.


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365 Grateful

Day 55
Grateful for my parenting by connections pamphlets that I received today. I’m loving all these parenting lessons…I will continue to share and one day have a center to share these in my community.


Day 56:
I am grateful for my lunch!


Day 57:
I am grateful for Bean’s excitement about pumping milk for Sprout. No matter what I say he’s determined to get some milk for his brother. I wonder how long this will last and I can’t wait to learn what conversations will be like with his wife. We’ve got time for that but hey we’re off to a good start🍼😏(nursing emoji here) #dadssupportbreastfeedingtoo


Day 58:
I’m grateful for special time with Sprout. Bean came home sleep and I was able to have one on one time with my little rollie pollio…and he was rolling all over the place!!

Day 59:
Today I am grateful for my pump break at work. Sometimes just the thought of nursing my boy calms me down and helps me focus.

Day 60:
Grateful for pizza party with just Bean and me. “I’m happy mom!” And he says this looking at me with a smile #melting


Day 61:
African dance class WITH my boys! I love that Oakland has so many family friendly events that encourage parents to “do life” with your children. I danced with a child on my back at different points off the class and was even encouraged to bring a drum for Bean to play next time since he was so interested.


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365 Grateful

Day 48:
No pic but I’m grateful for a fantastic discovery life coaching session with my aunt. I can tell grate work is about to be done.

Day 49:
Again no pic but I’m grateful for the staff meeting I was able to facilitate today. I’m loving all the personal and professional opportunities for growth while working at Youth ALIVE!

Day 50:
I had a great parenting by connection study group call today. There were 5 moms on the line and I’m excited about the tools we’ll be introduced to that will help us be the best parents we can be.

Day 51:
Grateful for shoe trains. I hope we can find all the shoes. LOL

Day 52:
Grate for my aunt and the clean laundry I can home to.

Day 53:
We had a very productive Saturday. Hair cut with Uncle, soccer practice, a walk, a nap (at least for Bean, which is rare) and a little cleaning.


Day 54:
Another great walk. So much fun with Our Aunt. 3 generations on our walk. YAY for good health!!


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Happy Anniversary!!


I debated about sharing this post but then I remembered that I started this blog to share what I learn as I go on this journey called life. So here you go. From being married for 5 years I’ve learned that life happens and you just have to role with it sometimes. I’ve also learned that I have the power to make the best out of what happens and to learn from EVERY situation.

On this day 5 years ago I married my husband and although we are separated right now I want to recognize our union. I’m not one to go around bashing a black man, we have enough people doing that, just because we are not on the best of terms. So while many people continue to say “that’s” just the way men are…men are sorry…insert what you want here, I’m choosing to recognize the greatness of the man I married and will continue to pray for forgiveness and for us to be happy again, hopefully that will be together, but if not I will ALWAYS respect what we had while together. If it weren’t for our union I wouldn’t be who I am today and I wouldn’t have my boys. (And y’all know what they mean to me😊).

5 great things about my husband on our 5th anniversary.
1. He’s very creative and artistic
2. Working with children is one of his gifts. They seem to connect with him and he’s able to teach them because of that connection. I remember being amazed by him as he taught HIV/AIDS awareness through drama to 7 and 8 year old children.
3. He’s pretty patient and kind most of the time.
4. He can be very silly and playful when I’m feeling down.
5. He dreams BIG!! And I know he’ll realize some of his dreams.

So here’s to my husband. And for those who continue to be supportive, I say thank you. And to those who wonder how you can be supportive I ask you to keep lifting us up in your prayers.

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365 Grateful

Day: 41
I am grateful for the look on Bean’s face when he’s pleasantly surprised.


Day 42:
I’m grateful for my coworkers who get the importance of breastfeeding!! Look at my new sign. 🍼(insert nursing emoji here😉)


Day 43:
no picture but today I’m grateful for my brain and the thoughts that continue to flow. At times I feel like my head is about to explode becasue there is so much going on in there. I’ve been really frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, excited, conflicted, eager… you name it. But today I decided to embrace all that is going on in there and it is comforting (at least for now)😉

Day 44:
I’m grateful for the mail!! I received the shirt I purchased to support Mamatoto Village Inc., an organization that helps prepare birth workers and provides natural birthing services to women of color in the DC Metro area. I love the message on the shirt and the design is GREAT!!br />

Day 45:
I’m grateful for a positive working environment. This is my first time putting a bit of home in my workspace. I’m really enjoying my work environment and am reminded daily how important it is to be passionate about the work you do. Or do the work that you are passionate about and great things will come.


Day 46:
Bean had his first soccer practice!! He loved it and was even bumped to the 3-4 year old group. Can’t wait for this to happen on a weekly basis.


Day 47:
I’m grateful for family fun at a kids reggae concert!


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