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Moving Mommy Monday


Hello Bloggowers 😉,

I’m excited to announce that the little one has walking shoes!! WOOHOO!! He’s not walking on his own yet but he takes plenty of steps around tables and things for walking shoes to be helpful. I’m predicting that he will be walking by the time we return from our trip to Cali next week. No rush at all though. I’m enjoying watching him balance, crawl and climb his way around the world.

Last week zoomed by and I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to at work or at home. But I got to bed early three times and the house was semi-organized (teehee). Rest is ALWAYS a good thing.

Now the weekend was spent preping, packing and cleaning. There’s nothing like retiring from vacation to an organized house. So refreshing. I spent time debating about which wrap to take (girasol, maya or both). Efficient packing is a must when traveling with a little one, at least that’s what I’m assuming. We don’t want to carry too much but we also don’t want to have to buy too much either. Oh the things in my head. How will the security check work? Do I need to travel with a birth certificate for the little one? Oh don’t forget about the food! And a toy but not a noisy one and books. Maybe he will sleep for the 6 hours or most of it in the air. AAAHHH!!! “Take a deep breath. You’ll be fine,” says the voice in my head when I’m starting to get too carried away.

We are so excited to just get away and start afresh when we return. Hope you had a great weekend.

Making moves as a mommy…it’s a work in progress😉

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Cancer Fact Friday

Need a reason to visit your doctor regularly. Check out these Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms that I found from The Mayo Clinic:

Signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer often don’t occur until the disease is advanced. When signs and symptoms do appear, they may include:

-Upper abdominal pain that may radiate to your back
-Yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes (jaundice)
-Loss of appetite
-Weight loss
-Blood clots

When to see a doctor
See your doctor if you experience unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain, jaundice, or other signs and symptoms that bother you. Many diseases and conditions other than cancer may cause similar signs and symptoms, so your doctor may check for these conditions as well as for pancreatic cancer.

Know the facts and pass it on😉

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Moving Mommy Monday…on Wednesday oops


This post is a little late Oops. Enjoy!!

So the weekend went by extremely fast this time and as always it was full of activities. My little brother (8yrs old) had a baseball tournament and won 🏆 (CONGRATS boys)! They only lost 2 games the entire season. Baseball is a pretty demanding sport at least for my brother it was. It felt like he had practice or a game 7 days a week. GEEZ!! But it’s done new he gets to move on to football. It’s fun to watch my son (11 months old now) around the games and learning how to cheer and play with the siblings, even though they’re all older (3-8yr olds) and girls. LOL they took such good care of my little one.

I finally got out for a run with my jogging stroller. This was only my second time doing so and it was much more successful than the first time. When my little one was about 7 months I tried and he only lasted approximately 20 minutes. Now that he’s a little older I guess he enjoyed the scenery a little more. PLUS his buddy, my little bro, was riding his bike with us. Fitness is definitely more fun as a family👍.

This week we are preparing for our first family trip. I can’t wait. I’ve been searching for tips on tracking with a cloth diapered, homemade baby food breastfeed almost 1yr old who’s not walking yet. We have wheels for the caraway instead of a stroller and the PLAN is to pack our own food to avoid the overpriced food on the plan. So we’ll see how that works out. My little one is not too fussy so I’m sure he’ll be fine for the 6hr flight to Cali. This will be a trip full of firsts. Both my hubby and little one’s first trip to Cali, my little one’s first airplane trip, our first trip together as 3 and who knows what else. I love new experiences. What are you tracking MUST HAVES for family trips? Please share all you can.

Making moves as a mommy…it’s a work in progress😊

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Cancer Fact Friday


I thought it would be a good idea to post an answer to a basic question.

WHAT IS PANCREATIC CANCER?!?! Here’s what I found from The U.S. Library of Medicine

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

The pancreas is a large organ located behind the stomach. It makes and releases enzymes into the intestines that help the body absorb foods, especially fats.

Hormones called insulin and glucagon, which help your body control blood sugar levels, are made in special cells in the pancreas called islet cells. Tumors can also occur in these cells, but they are called islet cell tumors.

The exact cause of pancreatic cancer is unknown. It is more common in:
People with diabetes
People with long-term inflammation of the pancreas (chronic pancreatitis)

Pancreatic cancer is slightly more common in women than in men. The risk increases with age.

A small number of cases are related to genetic syndromes that are passed down through families.

I hope this was helpful.

Know the facts and pass it on😉

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Moving Mommy Monday


Last week went a little smoother than usual. My hubby has a new job, that he loves WOOHOO! (it’s so rare to find someone who loves their job). Well the routine thing is slowly coming together. I was late to work most days last week but I’ve come to the conclusion that preparing lunch for me and the little one at night is the best way to go. It’s so much easier and less stressful in the morning especially when running behind schedule. It will be even better if I can figure out how to prepare for more than one day at a time so I can have time to relax and maybe even read a book😏.

On a different note… In preparation for the marathon I had my Line Dance and Game Night fundraiser! We had a ton of fun!! About 25 people came out to support my cause but there must have been about 500 people total. Way to celebrate life and contribute to the fight against pancreatic cancer. Look below for pics.

Speaking of the marathon… I’ve had a little detour in my training. After running errands Saturday my ankle was a little tender and swollen. AAAHHHH! I had to skip my 6 mile long run Sunday and I’ve been trying to rest it (as much as possible with a 10 1/2 month old) and ice it. Hopefully I’ll be able to run again in a couple of days may with an ace bandage or something. I don’t think it’s too serious because I can walk on it and move it. Loads of prayers on this one, so far my training has been FANTASTIC.

Making moves as a mommy… it’s a work in progress😉



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Cancer Fact Friday


Today’s fact comes from The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center at Johns Hopkins

Physical activity levels tend to decrease after cancer diagnosis and treatment. Even though one may feel fatigued, regular light physical activity should be encouraged.

Regular activity may:

  • Improve appetite
  • Stimulate digestion
  • Prevent constipation
  • Maintain energy level
  • Muscle mass
  • Provide relaxation or stress reduction
  • Lower levels of anxiety

Increased levels of physical activity can improve overall quality of life. In choosing a level of activity, it is important to take into consideration the patient’s physical functioning and previous levels of activity.

Physical activity should be individualized, initiated slowly, and progress gradually. A nutrition and physical activity plan should be customized for each patient to help rebuild muscle strength and correct problems with anemia or any impaired organ functioning. Adequate food intake and physical activity are crucial to patients recovering from any treatment for pancreatic cancer.

It’s summer time so there are great opportunities to get out and get moving a bit even if it’s for a walk around the block. You can find creative ways to get moving when the weather is nice. Go to a free concert in the park and dance a bit, if you have a little one like me do some baby weight lifts or presses. Find any way to get you body in motion.

Tonight I will be moving along with a bunch of family and friends during a Line Dance and Game Night fundraising event at Symphony Hall in Newark, NJ. We will be dancing to contribute to the fight against Pancreatic Cancer! You can join the fight with us by click the link on the side. Check back for pics of the event.

Know the facts and pass it on😊. Thanks for visiting Learning Life.

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Moving Mommy Monday


We had visitors this weekend, my dad and Phyllis😍. I get so excited when they come. My hubby also had the entire weekend off which is very rare. Needless to say I was on cloud 9 for the whole weekend. WOOHOO! It was very relaxing.

It was so hot out we didn’t want to spend too much time in the elements. We spent most of the time in the house watching movies and the little one explore (which never gets boring). We did a little shopping and I got to introduce them to a new meal “chicken fingers” (made with extra firm tofu) and sweet potato French fries and vegan lasagna. Success!! They loved it. I enjoy trying new meals and sharing the with my family as I learn my way around the kitchen and work towards eating no animal products at all (I’m having a hard time giving up the ice cream teehee).

I have to find a way to get to bed before midnight!! I don’t like to go to bed with dishes in the sink and the living room disheveled so I always seem to be up late straightening up. I think I have an idea that may work. With my running mileage increasing I need to make sure I get my rest so way some how! Here’s my plan: get a routine for my little one and have him in the bed no later than 8pm (it’s so much easier to get things done that way), don’t allow dishes to pile up, put toys away early, eat dinner at a reasonable time as a family. I think this could work.

Making moves as a mommy… it’s a work in progress😉




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Cancer Fact Friday


The next 4 months will be dedicated to pancreatic cancer as I prepare for the NYC Marathon.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is a nationwide network of people dedicated to working together to advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Today’s fact is from their website:

Pancreatic Cancer Facts 2012
Pancreatic cancer is one of the DEADLIEST CANCERS.
• Pancreatic cancer is the 10th most commonly diagnosed cancer, but the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States.1
• Pancreatic cancer is the only major cancer with a five-year relative survival rate in the single digits.1, 2
• Unlike many other cancers, the survival rate for the disease has not improved substantially in the over
40 years since passage of the National Cancer Act. Since 1975, the five-year relative survival rate for
pancreatic cancer has moved from 2 percent to only 6 percent.1
• It is estimated that in 2012, 43,920 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 37,390
will die from the disease. Seventy-four percent of patients will die within the first year of diagnosis.1
• Of all the racial/ethnic groups in the United States, African-Americans have the highest incidence rate
of pancreatic cancer, between 34 percent and 67 percent higher than the other groups.3
• While overall cancer incidence and death rates are declining, the incidence of pancreatic cancer and
death rate for pancreatic cancer have been increasing.1 The number of new pancreatic cancer cases in the United States has been projected to increase by 55 percent between 2010 and 2030.

This is my motivation for the marathon. Join the fight by donating today.

Know the facts and pass it on😊. Thanks for visiting Learning Life.

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Moving Mommy Mondays

Hubby and the onions!

We had a FANTABULOUS weekend! My husband and I decided to pass on a family friend’s cookout on Saturday in order to spend the day together. Just my hubby, my son and I… boy was that a good idea. Although I’m sure we would have ad a great time at the cookout, we just needed this time together. It is so rare for us to have no plans and no work on the weekend so we wanted to take advanage of the great weather TOGETHER!

We started off our Saturday with a light breakfast of cereal, fruit and buscuits before heading out to the farmer’s market in Montclair. I LOVE FARMER’S MARKETS!! The food is so fresh and so pretty and the energy is always great. I used to go to the market in Union Square twice a week when I was still in school. They are not as convenient to get to in New Jersey but we are going to try our best to find a way to support local markets and farmers from here on out. This was our little one’s (10 months old) first time at a farmer’s market and we were excited to see what his reaction would be to the people colors and of one of my favorite parts THE SAMPLES 😉. He enjoyed grabbing on to a cucumber and pointing out some red onions for papa. As we walked through the stations he would try and grab on to veggies as I searched for the right ones. I am a baby wearer so he’s always very close to EVERYTHING I do. I realized what a great classroom a farmer’s market can be. There are colors, numbers, nutritional facts, fruit and veggies to explore not to mention the introduction of new tastes. Our little one enjoyed a little fresh bread and a pickle on a stick for the first time. We spent about an hour at the market before loading the cooler and heading to the next stop.

The Frelinghuysen Arboretum

A google search of things to do lead me to this beautiful place for a family outing. We decided to do the Family Photo Scavenger Hunt. By the time we got to the 4th clue we were getting hungry again and a little tired so we ended up just sitting in the shade and allowing our little one to nurse then play in the grass.

Afterwards we headed to the grocery store before heading home to make vegan pizza. Whew!! Saturday was a very full day. But boy did we have fun!!

For the day of activities I packed a salad, some cucumbers for the little one and raisins. Note to self: PACK MORE FOOD!!🍊🍉🍓🍎

What do you pack for a day out with your family?

Little one and a pickle on a stick.

I love my family.

Making moves as a mommy… it’s a work in progress😉

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