Benefits of Wearing Your Baby


Here are some benefits of wearing your baby:

  • Happier Babies: Babies are used to be so close to their mommies for 9+ months so after being born, wearing your baby allows a hormonal exchange that helps the parent get used to parenting and the baby get used to the world. Studies have also shown that babies that are worn tend to cry less and become independent sooner.
  • Healthy babies; There are many health benefits that come along with wearing your baby including the power of touch. Touch enhances a baby’s development. It has also been said to be very beneficial for premature babies to be held to help with their development.
  • Convenience: As a new mom, I don’t know how I would have gotten anything done if I weren’t wearing my little one. And as you may have read in yesterday’s post I got to travel a little lighter.
  • Great Exercise; Many of us know the benefits of exercising, it’s a stress reliever, and reduces our risk of getting many diseases, plus wearing your baby while you exercise allows you to introduce your baby to counting, up and down motions and early exposure to a healthy habit.
  • Better View; give your baby a better view of the world; No more seeing the world from below and no more seating people as giants. When you wear your baby he/she gets to see life in a very different way

So I’ve read about all of these when I was pregnant and questioned some of it but still found this information to be very interesting. Now as a babywearer, I can say it has been a great journey so far for my family and me. Thanks for visiting Learning Life.

Wear your baby…it’s a great experience😉!

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