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Family Emergency Action Plan

The other night I was awaken by a beeping carbon monoxide detector. I woke my hubby and asked him to climb on a chair to see what the words under the blinking light read. “Move to fresh air”. But ALL of the widows in the house were open doesn’t that mean there’s loads of fresh air in the house.

I didn’t know for sure so after an online search for police nonemergency number I found that they only receive calls up until 9pm HUH?!! At 2am that wasn’t going to work. So we called the police department and explained what was going on they sent the fire department. The fire fighters arrived (i know they were just waking up you could tell by there hair LOL) and used the gadget to test for CM and found nothing. Their suggestion was to replace the batteries and call them when in doubt. FALSE ALARM!! Thank goodness they were polite AND there was no CM.

So what did I learn from this?:
We need to take a disaster preparedness class with Red Cross or something. I remember when I was a youngster in school we practiced what to do in a fire and learned how to put out different types of fires. We knew where to stand or meet outside if there were a fire. There were a list of emergency contact numbers on the refrigerator.

I guess it’s time to get back to the basics. Maybe a visit to my local fire house can help me answer some of these questions. They can tell me which beep is a battery beep vs a GET OUT NOW beep on my carbon monoxide detector. Then I can pass on the info, after all my neighbors, friends and family can benefit from the info too.

Does your family have an emergency action plan?

My carbon monoxide detector needs new batteries. Did you know the actual detector should be replaced about every 5 years? I sure didn’t.

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Gotta let it out!!

It’s been forever, I know, sometimes life just gets SUPER hectic. Well I believe I told y’all about the problems I was having with Bean’s school. Well a couple months ago the scariest thing happened. A child was brought in the school by a stranger asking if the child belonged in the school while the parent was in the child’s classroom looking for her child. WHAT?!?! When I spoke to the director of the school that evening she had NO KNOWLEDGE of this madness. She promised she would get back to me the following day. At that point I had already made a decision to keep Bean out of there. Thank God I was able to keep him home with my hubby until we figure something else out. It is so important to be involved at your children’s school and speak to EVERYONE, teachers, admin other parents you name it. It has been such a challenge to find quality childcare that is affordable.

In my new position at work I have come across so many frustrations on so many levels when it comes to preparing our future leaders for greatness. From day care to high school and even thinking about college is beyond a challenge for so many people involved. Teachers are frustrated because of pay or lack of resources or lack of parent participation. Parents are frustrated because some don’t know how to be involved any more. Other parents feel like its the schools responsibility to raise their children and others don’t feel like they have the capacity to be engaged weather it’s because of language barriers or their education level. Oh and we can’t for get about all the politics involved when it comes to the education system. Public vs charter, access resources, length of day people are so worried about some many different aspects that the children’s development just gets pushed lower and lower down the list of priorities.

I’m only in the beginning stages of this cycle with my little one and already I’m fed up and nervous about how I will be able to provide the BEST experience possible. Do I HAVE to relocate? How can I even afford to put 2 children in a good day care? Is it really possible for me to be a stay at home mom and live comfortably or is this an outdated desire? AAAHHH!! The things to think about. I can only pray that I will continue to be guided in a direction that will allow me to provide NOTHING but the BEST for my children AND have loads of fun along the way. I have TRUELY been blessed to be surrounded by great people.

Well thanks for listening/reading my rant. Just a lot going through my head as I reach the end of this second pregnancy. I hope to write more often and get back on a schedule VERY SOON!!


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