Needed a Little Yoga

Recently I’ve had so much going on in my head. With craziness at work and home and lists of things to do everywhere to prepare for many changes, I found myself getting restless and overwhelmed. At this stage of my pregnancy I need to remain calm and allow myself to embrace nothing but the goodness around me. Now as a working mother/wife/sister/daughter/friend…(you know a woman😉) I also have to keep things moving and just learn how to take a break when my mind and body are demanding one.

So this morning when I woke up at 4:19am (a powerful number in my world) I decided to take that as a sign. Instead of lounging in bed or tossing and turning as I usually would do, I decided to get up and do a bit a prenatal yoga. That was SSSOOO needed. I was able to release a bit of tension that was in my lower back, improve my blood circulation and simply CATCH…MY…BREATH. After only 15 minutes, while the house was still sleep, I felt a lot better. I was able to create a prioritized to-do list that is actually manageable for today, get a few things done around the house and take a shower ALONE without any interruptions.

I may need to make this part of my weekly routine. I would love to do yoga daily but I don’t think I am able to do that yet. But I’m setting a goal! I’d like to yoga 3 times a week, in the morning, while the house is still sleep. Maybe this will help me be more centered and keep my mind in the right place as I work on making a connection between myself, the spirit world and our physical world. I’ll come up with a schedule of some sort and hopefully stick with it. With so many transitions and new beginnings and goals, I’m sure this will be helpful. Here’s to a day of productivity and positive energy.

What do you do to recollect when needed?


I finally looked up the meaning today

I finally looked up the meaning today

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2 thoughts on “Needed a Little Yoga

  1. Michele

    As always Mrs Majuta, your voice is so clear. I am thrilled that you listened to your inner voice – your spirit guides, the Holy Spirit, your ancestors or whomever you feel was reaching out to you this morning. I feel more calm and centered after just reading your words. To answer your question though, the way that I recenter or collect myself is to sit still and just breathe. I am generally in constant motion, so for me, waking in the morning and not jumping right out of bed, but instead easing into my day has shown positive results. I hope I can get back to my yoga practice in earnest – one of these days real soon!

    Have a blessed and spirit -filled day my sister and thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.

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