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Elimination Communication (2nd attempt) & Potty Enthusiasm


When Bean was just 3 weeks old I decided to try ECing, and it worked!! (Well at least for the poops it did.) I wasn’t as successful with the pee’s. I was very grateful for the lack of poop diapers to be changed. It wasn’t until now with Sprout (still working on a different name) spewing out poop after poop that I really appreciated Elimination Communication. It took a while for Sprout to poop regularly so I didn’t want to add the potty to the mix. But I’m all on it now. He’s 3 months old and I’ve decided to introduce the potty. At least for the poops.

So far (the last 5 days) have been great!! We’ve caught all but 2 poops. Now I don’t EC on the go, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue right now since we don’t spend too much time away from home. This decision is also having an affect on Bean, in a good way that is. He’s now requesting the potty more often. Since the beginning of his ECing journey I’ve caught him in the act and more than he’s requested. I can’t remember when he started using sign language to request the potty. Anyway we got a little lazy with the ECing, then we switched to disposable diapers and the pottying was almost out the window plus with the addition of the new baby, Bean decided that pottying was not as exciting. Well we’re back at it again and Bean just loves “teaching” Sprout how to poop on the potty and I am so happy because I’m ready to stop traveling with diapers for 2.

Now I need to be more consistent with offering the potty or toilet after meals and before and after leaving the house. I was also advised to allow him to run around without bottoms on in the yard for a weekend. He’s getting it and I just love to see his enthusiasm along the way. YAY for pottying!!

What methods have you used for potty learning?

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Sprout?? Really


A while back I read a bloggers notes about being a mommy blogger. One of the things she mentioned as being the best thing she could have done as a mommy blogger was to keep her children’s names anonymous. I love that. I mean with all that’s going on in the world and so many ways for people to have access to your children not to mention the pics and tons of stories about their lives being shared on such a large platform, why not at least keep their real names anonymous.

Well Bean was easy for my first son. I mean he was given that name when he was still in utero (around 12weeks to be exact hehe). Now with baby number 2 the name didn’t just come so I chose Sprout and I don’t think that fits. So I’m coming to you for a “webname” for my chunky little one. Perhaps some of your ideas will lead me to the perfect reference for this little bundle. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Cloth Diaper Madness


I used cloth diapers with Bean for most of his life (23 of 27months). Shortly after his 2nd birthday we switched to disposables because we were having a hard time getting rid of this horrible ammonia smell. I mean we’ve tried EVERYTHING, so I thought. We stripped the diapers with dawn, changed detergent, tried vinegar…you name it. I started to wonder if maybe our water was to blame. GEEZ! I just had to get make a change. Opening the dirty diaper pail or the wet bag was enough to make you pass out.

Sooooo, unfortunately we made the switch. We’ve been dealing with disposables since July and I still am not a fan. Well I do like that we can just throw the diaper out and keep moving but then I think about the amount of trash we have now, other than that I miss cloth diapering. They’re cuter, less expensive and I think they were helping with the toilet learning process (more about that in another post).

Now that we’ve relocated. I’ve started to slowly use the cloth diapers again over the last 2 weeks. Someone told me to add a little bleach to the cycle. I was hesitant to do that since we don’t use bleach at all. But I did and so far we haven’t had the ammonia smell. I’m not sure if it’s the water or if it was the bleach but I’m hoping to be back to cloth 100% within the next month or at least by the new year. Right now we are just cloth diapering when we are in the house and at night. Bean seems to prefer the disposables but Sprout is in cloth most of the time while we’re in the house. So we’ll keep paying attention to this smell and hopefully we’ll be good to go.

Do you cloth diaper? What have been your challenges and how did you manage ?


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New Month = New …

October 2013 marked a bunch of new changes for me. While transitions can be stressful, sometimes they are so necessary to help get your life going in a better direction. October marks a new beginning for my boys and I. We are now West Coasters!! I have been wanting to get out of Newark, NJ for quite some time, wanted a new job and just a new way of living. So with my maternity leave wrapping up and a great offer from my uncle and aunt, I decided to relocate. So October was a new month with so many new challenges to deal with and many new parts of life that I get to learn as a woman and more importantly as a mom.

New as of October: city, home, parenting 2 boys, school search, job search, exercising with 2 small ones, dealing with tantrums (aaaahhh!), parenting 2 without the usual support people near by AND life’s vision. I’m sure this list can go on, but I’ll stop here for now.

As I go through life, I’m learning to be patient. Patient with others and most of all patient with myself. I mentioned that my vision is new, well I should probably say it’s a bit cloudy right now. This transition took a lot of thought and I’m not sure what my new vision is. I do know it includes being THE best mom I can possibly be and contributing to the changes in the birthing situation for blacks in America right now, all while living a happy, healthy life full of new adventures.

The tone of this blog may be a bit different moving forward but I hope you will still enjoy as I continue along this journey.


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