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Still Grateful

Day 20:
Grateful for eucalyptus oil and steam to help me get rid of Sprout’s congestion.

Day 21:
Grateful for an early bedtime. The last time I remember seeing on the clock was 8:17. No pic because I was SLEEP! 😊

Day 22:
Grateful that the reading of my sistercousin’s play went well. I can’t wait to see the actual play. Danielle Davenport is her nam, Always is her play.

Day 23:
Grateful for the mail today!! YAY!!

Day 24:
Bean is so patient with his puzzle cards. I love to watch him figure things out. And I love to here his little voice “help peeze mom”!

Day 25:
I can’t begin to explain how great the sharing circle with Black Women Birthing Justice. I absolutely LOVE to hear women’s birthing stories no matter how the birth happened. Women are so powerful and have to deal with waaayyyy too much when giving birth. We have to continue to share AND support one another. 20140126-001324.jpg

Day 26:
We started our day with family yoga this morning and I’m grateful for the new experience. I think we may incorporate this into our weekly routine.


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365 Grateful

Day 13:
Grateful for a good first day at my new job. I really missed my boys but I’m also excited about this new gig. The best part is opening the door to their school and being greeted with tons of excitement and energy and things to share.

Day 14:
I just love Bean’s photo surprises on my phone AND my Happieness Journal. Especially after having a tough conversation on the phone!

Day 15:
It was nice to come home to little notes and surprises. I’m grateful for my family, can’t stay down when they’re around😄. 20140115-201712.jpg

Day 16:
Love & Contact event when they’re sleep they tend to move towards each other and connect in the sweetest way.

Day 17:
Tonight I am grateful for leftovers that I ate on a paper plate. No prep…no dishes…no clean up. Not that I have to cook most nights but it was nice. My mushroom burger with salad, avocado and mustard with a baked sweet potato on the side is in-my-belly. Mmm mmm good😋! Thanks Aunt Shelly.


Day 18:
Grateful to join a group of women doing great things for birthing justice. I needed that boost of motivation. Learn more here:
Black Women Birthing Justice


Day 19:
I’m almost done with my 30 day an challenge!!

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365 Grateful this Week

I’ve decided not to overload your email boxes so I’ll post all of my gratefulness for the week once a week. This is a great process especially when there are many things going on in my life that make me say hhmmmm! So here ya go:

Day 7:
I am grateful for Indian Food!

Day 8:
Excitement for learning makes me happy. Bean is loving school and after only 2 days he can’t stop calling people to tell them what he’s learned in school, not day care but “big boy school”. Keeping this fire burning will be tons of fun.

Day 9:
Today I went to Yoga For the People in Berkeley, CA for the first time and loved it! Pay what you can and all levels welcome. It was great! I also got a chiropractic adjustment at In Line Chiropractic in the Lakeshore area. I’m getting ready for my first day at my new job inward and outward. I’m grateful for good health
and maintenance!!

Day 10:
Gotta keep the flu away so sistercousin and I had an elderberry making party…oh and rosewater too.

Day 11: Grateful for Bean’s photography. I get to see the world through his eyes when I find surprise images on my phone.

Day 12:
I’m grateful for a toddler who will taste everything including kale and beet juice. (Another reason why eating healthy as a parent is very important) The verdict is in:
20140112-161810.jpg“Mor Pweeze”

What were you grateful for last week? See you next week!!😊

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Grateful Day 6

Grateful for a great first couple of hours at a daycare. After the last experience I was extremely nervous about this and it was a great day!! I think I’m going to love Tiny Toes Day Care in Oakland.


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365 Grateful

Day 5:

Today I’m grateful for outdoor play time in JANUARY!! Being from the East Coast this is very rare. I can’t get enough of being outdoors in this Cali sunshine and Bean is loving it too.


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365 Grateful

A friend of mine added me to a facebook group called “365 Grateful” as inspired by an post. I am so excited about this group. I haven’t been doing too much on social media in a while but have been thinking about getting more engaged again especially as I work towards becoming more of a birthworks advocate. Anywho another friend in the group will be posting her gratefulness on her blog here so check it out.

I’ll just start with Day 4:

Today I’m grateful for my Aunt Shelly and all her greatness. She’s constantly pushing me to be the best ME I can be and is a model of greatness in the community!! Love you Aunt Shelly❤️

Aunt Shelly her way to a community service organization meeting today. Today’s theme was honoring Nelson Mandela.

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