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365 😃

Day 111:
He ate my food!! This hasn’t been happening lately. Bean enjoyed curried veggies: carrots, peas, chick peas, cauliflower and onions with coconut milk and some seasonings. MMMMMM!😋


I wanted to find a black male doctor for my boys who wouldn’t make me feel bad about my choices and boy am I happy with our new pediatrician. Today we met Dr. Michael LeNoir and he was great with me and great with my boys. He gave us a prescription for something and attached to the prescription was a nice packet of information. LOVE IT!!

Day 113:
I had a great conversation with coworkers today. Actually 2 one about creating an inclusive work environment and the other basically ended with me needing to do research for finding of my future organization. I am grateful for a healthy working environment.

Day 114:
I can’t stop praising my boys’ day care. They are so great it feels like I leave my boys with family EVERYDAY!!

Day 115:
I’m grateful for one-on-one time with Bean!


Day 116:
Networking today with a local sister trying to create change in Oakland. I love working with passion people. #fuelformyfire

Day 117:
I’m grateful for interactive museums. The Oakland Museum of California was full of exhibits that allowed my boy to be hands on and not get bored. He was even able to mix on some turntables for the first time.

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365 Grateful

Day 27:
Grateful for big brother practicing writing while little brother plays so I can get dinner on the table. The sweetest part is when Sprout drops his toy and starts to get a little fussy, Bean puts his marker down, gives his brother his toy and gets back to his writing. “I get it mom!” Such a big boy! I swear I never could have imagined that I could get so much joy from so many small acts of kindness. #ilovemotherhood #brothers

Day 28:
Grateful for my ergo. I would NOT have been able to get Sprout’s doctor’s appointment done with Bean sleep. He slept on my back for the entire appointment. I’m also grateful for the pediatric naturopath who saw us on time got us out in an hour and gave me advice for both boys that didn’t include any prescriptions. And it didn’t feel rushed AT ALL. I was given probiotics for the entire family to take and encouraged to continue what I’ve been doing: steam, eucalyptus, elevation, elderberry (as advised by my Holistic Moms Network mamas😉).

Day 29:
I am grateful for my fro today. LOL I’m starting to get the hang of my natural hair without locs. Today was the first time I pic’d out my fro since cutting my locs a year ago.


Day 30:
I had a great impromptu conference call with my sistercousins tonight. It was so much fun and felt like we were in the same space for that time. We talked about some stuff, laughed, a snack was enjoyed. It was great!! I loved it. Boy do I miss them. No pic because we were on the phone 😉.

Day 31:
I woke up to my boys cuddling, AKA Bean squeezing Sprout, and it made me so happy. I know it was going to be a great day. Another reason why I love co-sleeping.


Day 32:
Grateful for an all day play date. It gave me a taste of what life may be like when Bean and Sprout can play together. And Bean’s friend, let’s call her Princess, takes such good care of him. A Rudy and Bud (from The Cosby Show) situation all the way!! LOL she even introduced him to a dance and movement teacher as “Sauce” (her special name for him). LOVE IT! So grateful for toddler friendships.


Day 33:
I am grateful for the nice Nelnet agent who was giving me news that I didn’t really WANT to hear about my darn student loans. That could have been a bad call but his attitude was great!

See you next week!!

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