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Birthwork and Me!

As a way to bring more consciousness around the world of birthing. I’d like to feature something birth related each week. Shooting for Wednesdays. This will help me share and learn as I study so please tell me what you think (and know) and ask questions which will lead me on a search for even more answers. This should be kind of fun, empowering and insightful.

So let me start by sharing WHY I’ve decided to be a part of the village of birthworkers.

Black babies and mamas are dying at a much higher rate (almost 3x) than whites and Latinos and I believe this can change. I strongly believe that with more information about the history of birth among our people, rights as it relates to birth, support from each other and options in regards to caregivers, we can change things around.

While I was pregnant with both of my boys I was surprised and often hurt by the amount of negativity that was shared from all over, my doctor, some friends, coworkers, strangers you name it. It seemed like people just HAD to share a negative experience. WHAT THE HECK!! I just got to the point where I would just stop people in the middle of their story and politely say “I’m not even allowing that energy in my space”. I was constantly frustrated by having to leave my community in Newark, NJ to find support groups for breastfeeding, natural birth or just positive remarks.

After giving birth I loved (and still love) to share my experience because they were both positive. And yes my first boy was born in what is referred to as a ‘hood hospital AND I still had a great experience. The thing is, even with my positive story people still had negative things to say. Again WHAT THE HECK!! So I started sharing more about the facts and a little about the history that I was learning just so I could answer some questions or have a positive feedback for a negative comment. I started to realize that many of my peers were simply afraid and continuously being fed myths and reasons to fear birth and not trust their bodies. So I’ve decided to make a commitment to myself and my community to contribute to this world of birth in hopes of getting our community back to trusting our bodies, respecting our power and supporting each other.

As I continue to learn I am realizing how political this world of birthing is and how important it is to be aware of the injustices that are causing so many disparities. So I’m going to use this space as a place to share what I’m learning and hopefully start a few conversations that will normalize natural birth (or at least birth with no unnecessary medical interventions), breastfeeding, the right to choose how to birth or to birth at all and maybe, just maybe, more people in the black community will spread the word and fewer babies and mamas will die. I strongly believe that a woman’s birth experience affects the way she and her partner/community is allowed to raise her child.

So I welcome you all to participate! Are you currently a birth worker? If so how do you contribute to this work?

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Moving Mommy Monday


I have not posted in about a month and loads of things have been happening. Work has been very hectic as I work on coordinating my department while my supervisor was on leave AND still seeing my clients. AAAHHH!!!

In addition to work getting a little crazy, so has my time a home. My little one is more active than ever. Not a dull moment when he’s awake. He loves to read and is developing a love for animals, at least for now. He’s constantly pointing and pulling an adult towards an animal book or picture. It’s amazing and so precious to see him recognize the animals and mimic the sounds. We’ll have to get him to a farm as soon as the weather breaks.

He’s eating A LOT more now too. His teachers at daycare says he tries to eat the other children’s food quite often. This is a bit I a problem considering he’s got a bunch of food allergies. More on the daycare front later.

In October I FINALLY decided that I want to become a Childbirth Educator. I’ve been thinking about it for a while especially since I had to leave my city (Newark, NJ) for most holistic/natural childbirth information during my pregnancy. I’m saddened by the infant mortality rates AND the disparity between black and white rates. (Black infant mortality rates are double that of whites. WHAT THE HECK!!?!?) I think it has a lot to do with understanding our rights as women during labor, access to quality healthcare (and the ability to choose or advocate for better birthing options) AND our view of birth in general.

I had a chance o meet Ina May Gaskin (one of the greatest midwives and birth advocates out there) and hearing her speak was very empowering. More on that in another post as well.

So I’ve been gathering information about different organizations and certification programs and I’ve narrowed it down to 2. ICEA or CAPPA. Their philosophies are very similar and I THOUGHT I made a decision but I’m starting to debate again. Any advice you want to share would be great. My goal is to get going by January 1.

Ok I don’t want to overload you with a complete update of the last Monty’s happenings…so I’ll stop here. The calendar year is coming to an end and I’m about to celebrate my personal new year (as I like to call birthdays). Loads of new opportunities and experiences are coming and I’m excited to share them with you all.

Making moves as a mommy…it’s a work in progress😉

20121204-020156.jpgEnjoying vegan gluten free pancakes with berries. They were DELISH!!

20121204-020256.jpgHungry boy exploring in the refrigerator

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