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365 Grateful!!

Day 69:
A night with no TV!! Very productive. I got a lot done including some time to reflect and was in bed before midnight.

Day 70:
I’m grateful for complements from my boy. “You yook nice mommy. I yike yoy hair.”

Day 71:
I am grateful for Sprout’s lack of interest in consuming anything but my milk😆(insert nursing emoji here).


Day 72:
Today I sat still for 5 mins (which I’ve been encouraged to do daily for a few weeks now). It felt good I was comfortably seated with my feet hanging out of the car and a baby on my back but I was comfortable and made it 5 mins. I’ll have to try this again.


Day 73:
I’m so grateful for a board and staff retreat that allows everyone to feel free enough to share from the heart.

Day 74:
I’m grateful for a full day of fun and some firsts. First pool day of the year, sprouts first time in a pool, Sprout’s first time on a swing and Sprouts first time going down the slide in his big brother’s lap!!


Day: 75
I am grateful for creativity and brotherly love!


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